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November 30, 2009
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Errr, no idea if this is in the right category or not... ^^;

EDIT: Please do not ask me to draw you character in this - that's not how this works. :p

EDIT 2: The numbers are mixed up because most, if not ALL, advent calendars are like that. :p

EDIT 3: There are 25 doors because we celebrate Christmas on the 25th here in the UK. December 24th is Christmas Eve for us. :p

EDIT 4: Fullsizes are here! Will be uploaded every weekend. :meow:

EDIT 5: Since it's not obvious to everyone which gender each character is, I've taken the liberty of adding a (M) for MALE and (F) for FEMALE next to each number. ;) Hopefully there won't be any more confusion!

EDIT 6: I'm behind with this because a) I've been busy IRL b) dA is being retarded and c) IT'S CHRISTMAS! :XD:

EDIT 7: Final admitted defeat when it comes to answering comments. :surrender: There are just too many of them! Thank you all wholeheartedly for your support throughout this, it's been a joy to read all of your wonderful comments. :heart:


Not sure what an Advent Calendar is? Here, let Wiki explain it better than I can: Sorry, there is no candy behind my doors! :XD:

Okay, after several days of hard work, THIS is my Christmas gift to my friends on dA this year!! :dance: :la: :santa: :glomp: It's different to what I normally do, but I needed a challenge, and HOMG this was it. :faint: I'm still working on it, actually! 24 horses (including one big pic for the 25th), the stable doors, the swags, the layout... Photoshop does not love me anymore! :giggle: I hope you guys like it, I made it with love. :heart:

Each day (around 7pm my time) I will open a new door to reveal a new character, so the Advent Calendar will appear EVERY DAY for the next month in your inbox! If you want to ignore it, I won't take offense. :p (If you wanna come back to it on the 25th Dec, you will see all stable doors open and see all the different characters in all their festive glory! :giggle:) But I thought it would be a fun way to count us down to Christmas - I can't believe how fast the time has gone... :O

Please enjoy, and thank you all for looking!!! :hug:

I WILL reply to all comments - I'm determined not to fall behind again! :dummy:

1. (M) RhYthm saying hello to a robin friend! :la: Merry Christmas, Melody. :hug: RhYthm © *PearlyPony

2. (F) The beautiful Libertad wearing a beautiful Christmas Poinsettia! :aww: Merry Christmas, Rosa. :hug: Libertad © =leadmare

3. (M) Terence drooling over a basket of yummy Christmas cookies! :drool: Merry Christmas, Mel. :hug: Terence © *unicorn-skydancer08

4. (F) The lovely Evania nomming on a candy cane! :chew: Merry Christmas, Em. :hug: Evania © *SkyeFlite

5. (F) Metro keeping her neck warm with her long hair! :dance: Merry Christmas, Karzi. :hug: Metro © ~karzi01

6. (M) Derecho on the receiving end of a snowball! Glad he finds it funny... :lmao: Merry Christmas, Zac. :hug: Derecho © *Horsesnhurricanes

7. (F) Flight Angel dressed as a beautiful Christmas Angel! :floating: Merry Christmas, Sarah. Flight Angel © *Crazysparkles06

8. (F) Karthala's mouth is watering - I think she wants a bite out of that Christmas Pudding! :giggle: Merry Christmas, Monika. Karthala © *Aomori

9. (M) Oops, looks like Dilkara would rather have the lights on his horn than on the tree! :meow: Merry Christmas, Whirl. :hug: Dilkara © *whirl-wind

10. (F) Travieso looking very pretty with a stig of holly in her hair! :holly: Merry Christmas, Dana. :hug: Travieso © *Equinus

11. (M) The handsome Frog wearing a Santa hat. :santa: Need I say more? :la: Merry Christmas, Kel. :hug: Frog © =Plaguedog

12. (F) It's Sydelle, with lots of pretty bows in her hair! :aww: Merry Christmas, Sara. :hug: Sydelle © =Jullelin

13. (M) Looks like Trevalyn has another pretty adornment hanging from his horn! :giggle: Merry Christmas, Anna. :hug: Trevalyn © *Failed-romance-x

14. (F) Tut, tut! Naughty Adelais just couldn't wait until Christmas Day to open her present! :eager: Merry Christmas, Liz. :hug: Adelais © =silverglass19

15. (M) Hehe, seems as though Apache wants to be one of Santa's Little Helpers! :dummy: Merry Christmas, Nicola. :hug: Apache © *Ilyana88

16. (M) Time to pucker up! Lyo has the misteltoe ready, but who's the lucky mare? :kiss: Merry Christmas, Cursey. :hug: Lyo © *abosz007

17. (F) And the lucky mare is Destiny! :flirty: Hehe, she's looking lovely with her Christmas coat on - who could resist? Merry Christmas, Alice. :hug: Destiny © =Wild-Hearts

18. (F) It's Elza, looking festive with a Christmas wreath around her neck! :holly: Merry Christmas, Becca. :hug: Elza © *eldery

19. (F) A Christmas candle brings some peace and warmth to Avri this year. :aww: Merry Christmas, Twi. :hug: Avri © =Twilight-Veil

20. (F) Uh-oh! Looks like Katana is going to eat Santa's cookies and milk before he does! :paranoid: Merry Christmas, Meelz. :hug: Katana © =Meelz
21. (F) Haha, Delirium is ready to get the party started! :party: Merry Christmas, Cricky. :hug: Delirium © =CricketWings

22. (M) Jan is trying to catch a few snowflakes on his tongue! :snowflake: Merry Christmas, Jan. :hug: Jan © *Janaita

23. (M) Dar is all dressed up in tinsel, ready for Christmas! :giggle: Merry Christmas, Kate. :hug: Darkfleck © =daughterofthestars

24. (F) The Christmas dove of Peace is bringing a gift to Jewel! :aww: Merry Christmas, Jules. Love ya! :hug: Jewel © =TsukiJewels

25. Brooke, Pierce and Aerynne would like to wish you ALL a wonderful, healthy and happy Christmas, and an equally fantastic New Year!! :la: Merry Christmas, everyone!!! :glomp: :heart: Characters © *boribaby



Photoshop CS2 & Wacom Intuos3 tablet
Stable doors, hinges and swags referenced from images on Google
Some horses referenced from various stock photos on dA and Mark J. Barret's site
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horsesRcool22 Jul 29, 2011  Student Traditional Artist
Amazing! You did an awesome job!
Beautiful job! Theyre all gorgeous <3 sadlyy im allergic to horses.
sighthoundlady Feb 19, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
This is...EPIC! You just know there was some fantastic party going on in that barn!
BFire92 Oct 6, 2010  Hobbyist General Artist
wow, 25 openings! America is one stange place.

In Scandinavia, we celebrate christmas Eve, on the 24. The 25'th is just a free-day. But we have Little Christmas Eve on the 23, when we decorate the tree. And we celebrate the 13'th- Santa Lucia day, which is kind of strange since all the Scandinavian countries are protestintic O.o When we eat Lussikatter- buns whith safran. And on the 12 everyone celebrate my birthday ^^
W O W. Do u know what? I'm so jealous that i want right now be you.
i love this! i can't explain why it makes me giggle to myself! it is truly wonderful how you are this talented! :+fav:
Adaii Jul 16, 2010
So, so, so beautiful. An absolutely inspiring thing. ;)
louli9559 Mar 5, 2010  Student Filmographer
holy jazz, thats a lot of horses.
karzi01 Feb 24, 2010
omfg. i am so so so so so so soooo sorry i never commented on this babe D: i have been so short on time.. and i feel terrible about it.

let me start by saying. YOU. ARE. A. GODDESS.

you made all of the characters look absolutely phenominal, and metro... gawd you just captured her personality so well.. even through a headshot!!! i love how she has her hair tied around her neck, that is such a creative idea, and so cute! and her mouth bein open in that adorkable smile is just preeecious. i love how you colored her eyes.. i know that a kind of random thing to point out, but i adore how you draw eyes (and color) on horses :heart: you got her markings and colors spot on... i dont think ive ever seen anyone do such a miraculous job... im completely blown away. when i saw this in my inbox for the first time i literally hit the floor. and i was running around squealing (wierd.. i know.. but true ;P ) it was suuuch a neat surprise and i feel so honored to be a part of this. this was a wonderful idea bori, and i know its 2 months late... but thank you sooo very much for including me in this gorgeous gift. its amazing. :love::heart::love::heart:
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